Why We Need You

Founder David Levine’s Why Statement:

It does not take very long for a member of the the Charlotte community to find a networking opportunity.  There are several, and I have personally been a member of every type. From local men’s groups to professionally run national organizations. After looking back at my experiences and my investment in each of those organizations (both time and money), I have come to the conclusion that something is missing. Our Charlotte community is missing something and I believe if we fix it, our city has significant opportunity to become a national powerhouse for entrepreneurship and financial opportunity. I am creating my dream organization, one that combines truly vetted members of the leadership community with real business advisory. This is not a place to just pass business cards, nor a faceless corporate organization. I want to work with other serious entrepreneurs to grow our economy and create philanthropic impact for our city. We are transparent with our mission and the resources we believe it will take to get us there. If you want to discuss any of these topics, please read our Why Statement below, and if you still have questions, reach out to me on LinkedIn. – David Levine

iiCharlotte’s Why Statement:

iiCharlotte’s organization is out to create the most engaging small business ecosystem in the nation. We believe setting a new level of expectation for regular engagement will allow every business in the city to benefit. It will take all of our leaders setting their sights on the future of their business, their own personal growth, and identify how they want to compete professionally on a regional and national stage. After seeing how cities like Atlanta, Boulder and Austin turned their entrepreneurial ecosystem into thriving hubs of innovation, we know Charlotte possesses the necessary elements to rival even the greatest American economies. All it will take is improving the ways in which local businesses and thought leaders connect with, educate and inspire local leadership.

Our professionals not only provide blindspot advisory for a leader’s businesses, the fractional service team is responsible for providing solutions and networking opportunities with other leaders that share in this common vision. With the right vision and expertise cascading down different layers of the group, the elements we believe are necessary to create future Titans that focus on everything from revenue growth to philanthropy.

In order for us to put together the team this city deserves, we ask that you consider where you fit in our community and play your part in helping us drive our city into its future success.


Simply stated, to identify the process and personnel necessary to enhance Charlotte’s business ecosystem.


To provide a pathway for aspiring business leaders of today to become Charlotte’s Titans of Tomorrow.

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