{FLIP 1} Issue: Keep sales steady during maternity leave.

In a business that is heavily focused on sales, is it possible to keep sales consistently high while the rainmaker is out on maternity leave?

Third party sales

Flip: Rather than focusing on hiring another full time staff member to handle the short period of maternity leave, this member used the budgeting advice from one of our Advisory Group presentations to consider hiring on temporary sales help.  This temporary sales help is more expensive on a long term basis, however, the investment in better talent ensured quality would remain high without having to hire on another full time expense.

{FLIP 2} Issue: How to raise money in a non-traditional way.

For a no-nonsense investor, it can be difficult to add a signature to the sales process.

Applying a signature (discrete) touch to fundraising.

While sitting with an Advisory Group member, Logan Miller of Imperative Partners, this member was able to get a second set of eyes on his sales approach from a creative strategist.  Rather than changing his entire approach, a high end signature was added in a very non-traditional, yet subtle way.  The mere delivery of the “ask” has been transformed from delivering a concept with only words, to a physical product that tells the story of the aspirational partnership the investment would invite.

What do you need to FLIP?

| Definition of a FLIP |

Noun: Any idea, problem, pain point, investment or even employee situation that you want to take from its current state of opportunity to a future state of success. Example: “I am considering opening a new business but I can’t find the right location.” A FLIP would be speaking with the right members at iiCharlotte, who have examples of their own successes finding a location for their business, to find the right location.

Verb: To take action in finding the solutions for said idea, problem, pain point, investment or employee situation. Example: “…right location”. To FLIP the problem of finding a location into a solution by finding the location with the help of iiCharlotte.

What topics/pain-points/issues that you want to FLIP are top of mind for you and your business? We will pair you with other entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, investors and a Marketplace Leader for our iiCharlotte event and small group activities.