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Our monthly events are opportunities for you to work with other business owners to solve issues in your business life.

Our Workshops



Our network provides layers of membership to enable leaders to connect with other leaders to solve issues in their business.

Our Network



Solve business issues with service experts focused on marketing, legal, technology, experience design and more.

Our Expertise



Our members stay focused on our Drive Curriculum, based on 3 Learning Pod series from January to December.

Our Focus



Our members wanted something different, that was not available in Charlotte's other entrepreneurial organizations.

Your Future


As the city with the lowest cost of living and most access to capital outside of New York City, Charlotte is the most primed location for an internationally competitive business ecosystem.  iiCharlotte was founded to enhance the Queen City and surrounding communities with a renewed focus on business leader empowerment.  iiCharlotte stands for how its ecosystem is divided: incubating in Charlotte ($0-$1M) and innovating in Charlotte ($1m+) so that we can attract investment in Charlotte.

Backed by industry expertise and diverse networks and powered by our signature Drive curriculum, we are looking to provide a substantive community ecosystem that helps all of our local leaders reach the next level.

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