Apply To The iiCharlotte Academy

Steps To Take In Order To Apply For Membership

Step 1: Join the iiCharlotte Marketplace by completing your profile page HERE.

Step 2: Submit your interest in becoming a Member by completing this quick FORM. Upon receipt, we will contact you directly to set up an introductory call or meeting to learn more about your business and to help answer any outstanding questions you may have about the iiCharlotte Academy. You will receive an invitation to attend our next monthly Member Event and Coaching Session, so that you can gain a full understanding of our goals and objectives in order to help you make the decision on whether or not this is the right community for you.

Step 3: After you have participated in one full month’s worth of curriculum and activities, we ask that you complete the New Member application HERE. All applications are reviewed by our Executive and Advisory Group Members before acceptance into the iiCharlotte Academy as a new Business & Thought Leader Member. If accepted, the membership fee is $250 per month in order to continue participation in our monthly Member Events, live Coaching Sessions, private Slack channel access and other monthly events and programming exclusive only to our Members.

Step 4: Once you have joined the iiCharlotte Member Group for Business & Thought Leaders, you will have the opportunity to elevate your membership to the iiCharlotte Training Titans Member Group.  The membership fee is $500 per month and you will get all of the privileges of the iiCharlotte Member Group for Business & Thought Leaders as well as gain access to monthly Advisory Group Board Meetings.  All applications are reviewed by our Advisory Group before acceptance into our Training Titans Member Group or attending the monthly Advisory Group Board Meetings.

Levels Of Involvement

iiCharlotte Titans of Business

A Titan Of Business is a member of the Charlotte business community that is recognized by all of the Advisory Group in iiCharlotte as having led their respective industry. Titans Of Business may be retired but have either demonstrated exemplary business and philanthropic leadership in the past, or currently hold a position of influence.

iiCharlotte Advisory Group

To learn more about our iiCharlotte Advisory Group, click here.

iiCharlotte Member Group | Business & Thought Leaders

Our goal at iiCharlotte is to engage with as large and diverse a population of business owners in the Charlotte Metro area as possible. Our ‘Business & Thought Leaders’ membership level provides you full access to our curriculum-based events focused on helping you work directly on your business, as well as gain access to our closed community of fellow leaders working with each other and our Advisory Group.

If you are a small business owner and are facing some of the below roadblocks or inflection points within your business, attending our events and joining an active Business & Thought Leader group may be your next best decision:

  • Are you finding yourself head down in your business and feeling like you only have the capacity and bandwidth to maintain growth rather propel it?
  • Do you currently have a Board of Advisors or mentor group of capable professionals who are helping you process your issues and address questions that you face everyday?
  • Owning a business is hard and often times lonely. We understand that it is an emotional roller coaster because we are also business owners. Could you benefit from having a team of coaches that are vested in your personal and professional success?
  • Would a year-long curriculum, taught by industry leaders, which focuses on areas within your business that you may not have fully committed to yet, benefit your growth (i.e. sales funnel, strategic pivots, budgeting, etc.)?

We welcome you to this opportunity to share in your successes and struggles with other local business leaders in your community.  Through a connection to an accountable framework, with a unique connection to a vetted Charlotte business ecosystem, we will work with you to identify your goals and set the intention for real results.

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Training Titans | To start in 2020…

The iiCharlotte Advisory Group exists to not only strengthen our inwardly facing objectives, but also to extend outside our core objectives and help incubate, innovate and invest in the Charlotte business community. While surrounding our Advisory Group with Charlotte Titans Of Business (Titans), we aim to elevate our current and future Members into achieving their own ‘Titan’ status. By helping produce more Charlotte Titans, our efforts will organically help our community grow into what we want for Charlotte through fostering leadership and forging new paths for success.

A Dynamic Opportunity

  • Top-level subject matter expertise made more accessible.
    • Lowering the financial barrier for seasoned support.
    • Broader scope of areas covered than the average Board.
    • More entrepreneurially minded than the average Board.
  • A greater system of accountability and exclusive networking.
  • Learn to achieve peak heights as a business ‘Titan’ while staying grounded in community as an organization, which works to maximize growth (personal+business+community).
  • Gain more professional credibility and access through association within the iiCharlotte

Our founding class of Training Titans will be announced at the end of 2019.

iiCharlotte Community Group | Emerging Leaders

Our iiCharlotte Community Group for Emerging Leaders is for any aspiring, nascent or growing entrepreneurs looking for a way to connect to a greater network firmly rooted in a rich curriculum and sound advisory. With no purchase necessary, anyone interested in learning more about iiCharlotte has the opportunity to join us for the first hour of each workshop and meet all of the other committed members at our social events.

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