iiCharlotte Advisory Group

Core Values: Legacy | Accountability | Dependability | Philanthropy | Community

Defining the core values for the organization was the first step in creating an Advisory Group for iiCharlotte. The founding leaders would need to be carefully selected so that their fellow Advisors could work together on issues of all levels of importance and priority.  These members would fit an identity that future iiCharlotte Advisors would follow for generations.  We envisioned a way to connect in such a strong way that Advisors would feel partnered, while running their separate, unique businesses.

In addition to our Advisory Group, we have also incorporated our own board of advisors.  This group is made up of business executives and leaders who have helped shape the Charlotte business ecosystem for decades.  We refer to these advisors as our Charlotte Titans of Business, as they are recognized by all of the members in the iiCharlotte Advisory Group as mentors and advisors to our business ecosystem.

Meet the iiCharlotte Advisory Group:

  • Highly-skilled and experienced service partners leveraging the power of business acumen, effective collaboration and combined resources.
  • Business owners who are passionate about their areas of subject matter expertise, helping others grow their businesses and giving back to the community.
  • A high-performing group of keen and creative problem solvers capable of transforming businesses when they put their heads and skill-sets together.
  • A group of seasoned entrepreneurs actively leveraging their expertise to improve each others’ businesses and sharing their networks in the form of joint projects and quality introductions. We lend each other instant credibility to our respective client bases and professional and personal circles.
david levine iicharlotte

David Levine

jarod latch iicharlotte

Jarod Latch
Video Storytelling

justin agans iicharlotte

Justin Agans
Risk Mitigation

Tim Baier
Content Creation

john-elvington modulex iicharlotte

John Elvington
Signage & Wayfinding

Ellen Linares iicharlotte

Ellen Linares
Succession Planning

Cassmer Ward Accounting & Finance Management

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