Raising capital is not for the faint of heart. Competition is fierce and the right investors can be a shrewd bunch. A great track record, strong case studies, a clear ROI strategy and savvy communication skills are an excellent start. If you find yourself in need of more prospects, your targeting strategy and tactics need retooling. However, if you simply want a better conversion rate among existing prospects, greater differentiation is the answer. You need a unique value-add to set yourself apart and leave a more lasting impression to drive deals home.

These value-adds should be non-monetary and investor-specific. If your investors are cutting $1M checks, consider a tangible item which includes a sentimental element, top-notch craftsmanship and a unique message welcoming them to the family or thanking them for their consideration. Musser and Co.’s custom gifts are a great example. If your investor group is larger and coming in at, say, $50-100K per check, highlight the value of your investor group’s shared insights or how you foster support and accountability among this cohesive group of growth-minded peers.

Just like people raising capital should prefer “smart money” over just anyone with extra cash, investors prefer value-adding investments where they can find them. If investors can get a similar ROI from either of two investments, they will choose the one which legitimately offers additional value, be it a thoughtful, custom gift or the potential to source future investment ideas or partners. Assuming all of the fundamental areas of the deal have been properly covered already, if you want to increase your conversion rate or number of overall prospects, doing the little things can add big value.