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Welcome to our iiCharlotte community.  You are taking the first step in joining the real conversations happening behind closed doors within the Charlotte business community. Whether you are an owner, operator, investor or aspiring entrepreneur, the issues we highlight and tackle at iiCharlotte are all intentional on helping you to not only define your goals for your business, but to understand the optimal path to achieve and overcome them.  The best part is that our conversation is driven by you and your peers.

We have an opportunity in Charlotte to connect all of the entrepreneurs and business owners that are serious about progress to a community of likeminded people.  We are local to Charlotte and the metropolitan sprawl just like you, and share a lot of the same issues you do.  We have developed a marketplace that will assist you in flipping your most gnarly issues with industry experts, those in our Advisory Group, and whether you are a committed member or simply want to leverage our organization as you seek advice, mentorship and connections, you have come to the right place.

Whatever size your company is, we want you to join our community, officially, by creating a profile on our Marketplace and getting your network to as well. Look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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