Welcome to the only business group in Charlotte where business owners hold each other accountable to the bigger picture.  By working as a collective, we grow our companies, invent new ways of doing business, and dismiss the idea that Charlotte is only known for banking and a low cost of living. We will work together as owners, operators and investors in order to unlock our city’s full potential.  By participating in our Academy, you are helping Charlotte realize that huge opportunity.

The issues we highlight and tackle at iiCharlotte are all intended to help you to not only define your goals for your business, but to understand the optimal path to achieve them.  The best part is that you are not alone.  You will now stay connected to a group of peers that will advise, support and hold you accountable to overcoming those hurdles along the way.

As long as you are a key stakeholder and responsible for $1-20M in revenue, we want you to join our community, officially, by attending one of our upcoming events.

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